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Guiccioli Farm

Fattoria Guiccioli (Giuccioli Farmowes its fame to Giuseppe Garibaldi, who took refuge here in 1849 with Anita after the fall of the Roman Republic. Anita died of an illness in the farm on 4 August 1849, exhausted by the hardships of the escape. 

Today, the farmhouses a collection of relics and keepsakes related to the story of Garibaldi’s movements through Romagna. One of these is Anita’s memorial stone (Cippo di Anita), erected in memory of the heroine in Landa Della Pastorara, a few hundred metres from the building.

The structure is also close to two highly attractive natural stations of the Po Delta Regional Park. 

Opening hours

Weekdays: 9am - 5pm
Sundays and holidays: open by reservation only.


Free entry. Booking recommended.

How to get there

If you travel by car from Ravenna, drive along Strada Statale Romea 309 until Casal Borsetti, then turn left towards Mandriole and follow the road signs. If you travel by bus, take bus 140.

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