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Porta Ravegnana or Portonaccio

Porta Ravegnana or Portonaccio is situated between Borgo San Rocco and Via Ravegnana. Porta Ravegnana cannot be strictly defined as a gate, because it rises in Borgo San Rocco at a 200m distance from Porta Sisi, outside the perimeter of the city walls. The gate owes its name to an ancient crenellated arch called "Portonaccio", once standing in the same place. It was built in 1785 by architect Camillo Morigia (1743-95) to celebrate the reconstruction of Via Ravegnana.

The simple and austere gate is made of bricks and is decorated with Istrian stones.

How to get there
Porta Ravegnana is situated in the city centre, close to the pedestrian precinct. Bus line 3 (bus stops in Via S. Mama and Via R. Ricci), car parks in Via R. Ricci, in Via Castel S. Pietro (paid car park) and in Via R. Serra, in front of the former slaughterhouse (free car park).

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