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Church of Santa Barbara

According to official documents, the small Church of Santa Barbara was built at the beginning of the 11th century near the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo as the property of the Benedictine monastery adjoining the Basilica of Theoderic. Santa Barbara reached its height between 1513 and 1821, when it became a parish church. Its story is closely related to the Church of San Salvatore ad Calchis, a religious building erected on the ruins of Theoderic’s Palace.

As a consequence of Napoleon’s suppressions, which imposed the reduction of the number of parishes and churches, Santa Barbara was closed and then joined to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Porto. The building was deconsecrated and sold, the canvas hanging on the main altar was transferred in the corridor near the sacristy of Santa Maria in Porto and the big painting depicting the Madonna of Loreto was placed above the altar of San Lorenzo. After the bombings of World War II, part of Santa Barbara became a private residence and in the 70s it was converted into a workshop.

The church has been recently acquired by a private who at present is restoring the whole complex. 

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