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Ancient Port of Classe

The archaeological site of Classe lies in the port area of the ancient city of Classe. It encompasses a series of warehouses built on the banks of a canal and lined along a road paved with Euganean trachyte.

The complex was probably built in the early 5th century AD when Honorius decided to make Ravenna into the capital of the Western Roman Empire (402). Consequently, it became necessary to build a structure that could receive, store and redistribute large amounts of goods and foodstuffs which were pouring into the new capital city of the Empire.

Covering an area of 10.000 square metres, the archaeological park offers an insight into the ancient port of the 5th-6th century and retraces the route of the ancient travelers by reconstructing the most visited places by the workers of warehouses or by seafarers.

Opening hours

Until 3 November
Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Special opening on Friday, 1 November: 10am - 6pm

The Ancient Port of Classe will be closed from 4 November until March 2020

Ticket prices

Admission: €5
Concession: €4; €2 (students 18 -25 years old)
Free admission: visitors under 18 years; disabled people and assistants; Amici di RavennAntica associates; tourist guides from Italy; journalists; other categories, as established by the latest legislation.
Special agreements: Dante Alighieri Society, Capit members, Romagna Visit Card.

Ancient Port of Classe Classis Museum Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe: € 14
Classis Museum Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe: € 9
Ancient Port of Classe + Classis Museum: € 9

Guided tour for groups: €40 up to 20 people + € 3 from 21st onwards. Groups of up to 40 people
By reservation only: +39 0544 478100


Both the Archaeological Park and the multimedia room are fully accessible to disabled people.

How to get there

The archaeological site is situated in Ponte Nuovo, 5 km away from the centre of Ravenna, direction Classe or Rimini, at the intersection of Via Romea Sud and Via Marabina. Coach and car parking lot is located next to the entrance. The site can be easily reached from the train stations of Ravenna and Classe. Travelling by bus, take bus 4 or 176 leaving from the railway station. Travelling by bike, you will find a cycle track connecting the city with the archaeological area.

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via Marabina, 7 - Classe
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